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Selecting new employees or assessing who is already in the company. There are many ways and 99% already super tested and validated.
The use of virtual tools can be complicated and difficult for specialists but sometimes it has a very strong impact and effectiveness.
It occurs when the selection requires knowledge and expertise; capacity to work in a team on problems different from the typical situation of every-day-life.
Perhaps in individual remote pre-selection with test, virtual project to complete, situations disseminated with tricks and content related to skills and knowledge that are to be tested.
Our experience is both on distance virtual recruitment and in residential assessments. Developed together with experts and psycologists.
On a structure studied with specialized partners and run along with professionals and trainers when requested.

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For Insitutions

Institutions can formally use standard protocols to guarantee anonymous results to the selection.

Schools of Management

For selecting students of specific (master) programs.


The selection via business games is getting more frequently used by companies. While assessments for individuals and group has become popular already at the beginning of the millennium. It is very new the use of cooperative and negotiation simulations where the role playing is reinforcing the observation of experts.

and more...

The extreme variety of services and our privacy does not allow us to be trasparent apart from public events. But we can quote our services upon specific requests .
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Which are our Advantages

The crucial aspect is to link the virtual reality to the competence and knowledge to measure. And be extremely accurate and clear to define what is the objective and the scale of evaluation.

Some element is measured directly by the virtual environment; while on other apsects it is the expert who observe who analyze and score the level reached. Our team can support experts and psycologists to read the behaviour and maximize the quality of observation.


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