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If you tell me something I can forget about it. If you show me it, perhaps I may remember it. But if you involve me I will not forget it anymore. Tagore..

Interactive Business Games

Based on elaborated System Dynamics all games reproduce competitive interactive environment where to learn and practice business issues.

Model play management simulators

Juniors and in-company managers tend to prefer a replica of specific company business to facilitate internal cross fertilization.

Virtual Environments

Serious situations where it is possible to meet virtual clients, customers, colleagues and solve dilemmmas to improve soft skills.

Relational environments

Unique enviorment where the competition is set at different levels and different roles like industry and distribution, suppliers and shops,...

Cooperation models

Like in todays reality actors never meet and know each other; but they have to use evoluted communications to cooperate and achieve the best goal.

Business Gamble

For those who like to test their skills and win awards by reaching the best performance on managing individual micro-simulations .


Who We Are

Born in Milan in 1995 with 3 junior partners and the support of the local. You can visit the story of the solution and the evolution which passed thorough success and fellony, from stables to stars, living with courage, creativity, honesty to create milestones that make the culture of organization and the knoledge of managers.
We must thank an enormous amount of clients, customers, whover decided to work with us and who did not and helped us to get stronger and more innovative; and between them the hall of fame of someone who has special credits in our company. to them and to everyone who will be with us now and in future.

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