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This area has been designed only for competitions. Business game. Which are differentiated into three types: Interactive challenge where a person or a team compete in a business arena against other persons or team having the same role.
A second option is where the participants compete with different roles: they are together in a same company but the action and knowledge is restricted and the situation each one face is sometime unknown to the colleagues. The distance between the participants replicate the situations of to-day business environment.
An additional complexity is made by the possibility to have actors representing different type of companies interacting on the same arena.
the third option is represented by investigation games, branching stories, tales, where an on-line challenge can be sponsored by a company for their own employees.
The program is serious ? Yes. Is the goal serious ? maybe the goal is only to gain money or a prize. Is there anything wrong ?

Where and when can be played an Online Challenge ?

For Insitutions

Institutions is one of the key promoter of OnLine Business Challenge.

Schools of Management

For recruiting their own students. Maybe to give credits for university.


Many companies wish to promote their own name or even select juniors via web.

and more...

The extreme variety of services and our privacy does not allow us to be trasparent apart from public events. But we can quote our services upon specific requests .
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Which are our Advantages

We can do really whatever you can imagine. Setting online challenge with our existing tools or creating new ones. In every business field, industry, level, country. Involving roles, using classic quantitative decisions together with test, qualitative elements, situations to be solved, and more.

Our network of experience includes business experts and IT talents. The main talent is not measured in technical aspects but in the capacity to read the objective and produce tools which reactions and behaviour is perfectly realistic to every imaginable or not action of the participants.


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