Our Conventions

Often the company conventions need to find some moment when the participants dedicate a part of it to be involved in games.
Games tat must be useful to reinforce the company communication. Wherever the event is, on an island, a boat, on a mountain or inside the company.
There are messages that can pass only when experienced and shared together with a big audience.
Maybe with a challenge. Maybe with price. Surely creating a phenomenon of interest that is generated by the content and the real competition.
It is an opportunity for everyone to compete with the same tool and resources. No matter who has in real life the lower power. The convention challenge is a place where skills emerge.
and where positive suggestions and ideas can be taken to reality.

who can be interested to our Conventions

For Insitutions

Institutions, also sports teams, politic parties, everyone can be a promoter of convention sessions with a selected tool to be used in 2 hours, half day. depends on the time available and the number of participants also.

Schools of Management, universities, communities

Alumni reunions ? it is a pure example of communities sharing convention for fun and to have some challenging moment together to revitalize previous experiences.


Many companies can use the tools by adapting existing solutions or creating a specific event where they can include all elements needed to improve performance and culture.

and more...

The extreme variety of services and our privacy does not allow us to be trasparent apart from public events. But we can quote our services upon specific requests .
Please use the contact us page to get in touch directly.
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Which are our Advantages

We can do really whatever you can imagine. Setting online challenge with our existing tools or creating new ones. In every business field, industry, level, country. Involving roles, using classic quantitative decisions together with test, qualitative elements, situations to be solved, and more.

Our network of experience includes business experts and IT talents. The main talent is not measured in technical aspects but in the capacity to read the objective and produce tools which reactions and behaviour is perfectly realistic to every imaginable or not action of the participants.


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