Our OnLine Distance Learning

Our company is a pioneer of blended learning. Introducing CD-rom projects in 1997 with relational simulators for bank front officers; insurance sales agents; fitness centers personal trainers and commercials. Developing web tools when the worldwideweb was not spread to the mass market.
Private investigations, safety tools, software training and so on.
And not only: based on the experience on business simulators there has been an incredible increasing number of remote programs. International masters, global integration supported via Webex and Skype seminars.
Both on operative issues and in strategy-and-execution of company plans.
In general the key support to learning that we offer are: business simulators, intaractive challenge, virtual realities which are listed in details in the solutions area.

Where we (& partners) deliver on Line Distance Learning

Companies and corporate universities

Corporate universities. Change management programs. Sales. Strategy. Executing operative actions.

Schools of Management

For their own students and not only. Many SoM partners of Management Utilities use to deliver programs with our simulators.


At every level: for masters, MBAs, bachelor; mostly for long term applications but also for special events.

Public Administrations

Some of the most solid programs were built for police, defense, fiscal departments.

High Schools

Support students to learn more about teir propension towards economic and relational skills and interests.


For individuals, small groups, communities who are interested to develop knowledge on economics and finance applied to their own micro activities or to life solutions.

and more...

The extreme variety of services and our privacy does not allow us to be trasparent apart from public events. But we can quote our services upon specific requests .
Please use the contact us page to get in touch directly.
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Which are our Advantages

Learning is not easy. Changing or developing behaviour is not possible if you do not experience and see how and why a different choice and action can lead to success, happiness and efficiency. Teaching is the easy part. but it is an art to help colleagues, participants, students to modify their future behaviour on the base of the learning experience. This is our complicated Business-gol; to provide business culture by challenging and realistic situations where knowledge and programs represent the way to modify for better performing. Also when a person is not phisically in front of us; but is connected with with our service through different devices and in different moments.

Our network of experience includes business experts and IT talents. The main talent is not measured in technical aspects but in the capacity to read the objective and produce tools from the perspective of the users and the specific objectives.


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